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Welcome to your Appendix

46 y/o man with pain in the right side of the abdomen


True/ False? Appendiceal adenocarcinomas in contrast to LAMN or HAMN have pushing margin
Appendiceal carcinomas occur at the....
Mucinous adenocarcinomas of the appendix harbor which mutationsAdd description here!

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  1. pathfiles says:

    This is an appendiceal adenocarcinoma in contrast to LAMN. LAMN usually shows pushing margins. On the contrary adenocarcinoma has invasive margins. Adenocarcinomas of the appendix can occur anywhere in the appendix. Appendiceal adenocarcinomas harbor KRAS mutations predominantly. 30-70% have GNAS mutations. BRAF and MSI are rare in appendiceal mucinous adenocarcinomas. Non mucinous adenocarcinomas however, can harbor more MSI mutations.

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