Thyroid Cancer

Papillary Ca is the m/c type of thy cancer & BRAF mutations is the m/c mutation. Cribrif Morular V. is common in pts. w/ APC mutations.Follicular thy Ca is basically follicular adenoma with capsular &/or vascular invasion. Follicular Ca is a/w radiation exposure & iodine deficiency. It can be solid, macrofollicular /micro follicular. Ras mutations are m/c in follicular Ca. Hurthle cell Ca. has eos cytoplasm. IHC stains HMB45, S100 highlights tumor cells. Clear cell Ca. may show hyalinized & punctate calcifications. Medullary Ca. has features of neuroendocrine tumors, that originates from parafollicular C cells. Calcitonin is usually positive, but may be negative in some. It has Ret mutations. Insular Ca. is also known as poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

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